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Sprout is the open content agriculture platform where global agriculture experts and farmer facing organizations meet to share and discover farmer-friendly, digital ready content and services designed to build smallholder skills, resilience and income earning opportunities. The platform is free of charge.

Sprout has been designed by Mercy Corps AgriFin, developed and hosted by KALRO and funded by GIZ Digital Agriculture Africa.


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In 2020, East Africa experienced the dual crises of the largest desert locust invasion in decades and the global COVID-19 pandemic, both threatening farmers’ livelihoods. In response, public health and desert locust messaging was deployed via multiple digital channels to over 16 million smallholder farmers. Read More.

WhatsApp for Business (WA4B) API is a tool for organizations to have guided personal conversations with their teams and uses it to drive conversations to improve lives at scale. The WA4B application adoption cycle for both organizations and end-users is nascent in agriculture, with a small number of pioneer organisations iterating, testing and preparing for scale rapidly. Learn More About Wa4B and Try Sprout Learning, Sprout's **Free** Whatsapp for Business Service.

The COVID-19 and desert locusts interlocking crises threaten smallholder farmers’ health, livelihoods, and food security in East Africa. A wide array of smallholder farmer-focused digital partners and other agencies came together to deploy farmer-friendly digital tools and original content to support public health messaging, desert locust public service announcements, citizen reporting efforts and a productive recovery for food systems. Read More