Wi-Agri is an agritech / digital platform offering through a single channel a wide range of digital services to smallholder farmers (SHF), vulnerable workers and other agricultural value chain actors. It was established in 2021 as a private limited company in Côte d'Ivoire by Agristore, an Ivorian IT company, CIDR Pamiga, an international development organization and Microsave Consulting, an international consultancy company. The overall objective of Wi-agri is to sustainably enhance livelihood and resilience of SHF and vulnerable workers in rural areas of Côte d'Ivoire and other West African countries by addressing pain points to facilitate access to remunerative markets, quality and “green” inputs, tailored and affordable financial services, and advisory services (good agricultural practices, financial education, market and commercial information, etc) through digital solutions adapted to local ecosystems, in partnership with specialized service providers. Wi Agri has a specific focus on women empowerment through development of adapted services, and on the promotion of climate resilient and environmentally friendly practices. Value proposition of Wi Agri is: a) Market place: (i) enlarged and transparent access to markets for sellers and buyers, (ii) generation of reliable transaction track record for the users, (iii) market risk mitigation for the lenders. b) Financial services; (i) secured mobile payments, (ii) easy and cost effective assess to financial services for the users, (iii) cost effective increase in outreach for the FSPs, easy access to reliable data on identity and transactions for potential clients for the FSPs, for credit risk management and product development. - Advisory and information services: (i) easy and cost effective access for the users to the services, adapted to the needs and capacity of the different categories of users; including capacity for the users to make informed decision on financial services on offer (financial education) (ii) increased bankability for the users, (ii) cost effective increase in outreach for the service providers. Distinctive features of Wi-Agri are; (i) its "one stop shop" nature, users having access to a wide range of complementary services through a single channel (mobile application with a smartphone); (ii) its "environment and climate change" focus (promotion of "green" inputs and practices); (iii) the offering of adapted services to vulnerable women, producers and workers: this is the object of the innovation. The innovation will improve incomes, competitiveness and resilience of women producers and workers in the cashew value chain in Côte d'Ivoire by facilitating their access to Wi-Agri and empowering them to benefit from using its services, by addressing the gender-related challenges that limit women's inclusion in digital platforms. Development of digital women centric services by a one stop shop platform would be an innovation in Côte d'Ivoire and in SSA, no similar solutions having been identified. It is expected that services developed for the cashew value chain will be replicated and adapted for other value chains and geographies.
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