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Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners for the Sprout Platform  are GIZ,  funder for the program and KALRO who is the platform a key contributor of high quality agriculture value chain and climate smart practices content and Mercy Corps AgriFin who designed Sprout and manages the platform.


         Kenya Agricultural and Livestock  Research OrganizationMercy Corps Agrifin

Content Creator Partners

Key content creator partners are well known local, regional and global  scientific and agricultural focused institutions including but not limited to:


AGRA - Alliance for a Green Revolution.    International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center   Centre for Bioscience International

KALROProducer's Direct.                              CGIAR

                                Agricultural Transformation Agency.             Digicow

      Shamba shape up.                                                     Lloyd's                                                                      



Farmer Facing Organization (FFO) Partners

FFOs include several innovative, digital-forward agriculture focused companies and organizations:


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Funding Partners







Interested in Learning More?

We are always on the lookout for additional content provider and farmer facing organizations to work with us.  If you are interested in collaborating, get in touch with us here.